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Marketing a unique and, as some would say, taboo event like Naked Sushi Night might seem like a challenge. According to Duplantis, the secret was giving it to the people and letting them run with it. This is, after all, the 21st century.

“Most everything, honestly, was social media,” said Duplantis. “Social media in Baton Rouge is now becoming more and more prevalent in advertising. In many ways, [Baton Rouge] lagged behind other cities in social media until recently. The local printed publications are also starting to get into the local flavor.”

The social media campaign seemed to have paid off, as the venue was nothing short of packed. Patrons came in droves, dressed to the nines to experience Nyotaimori for the first time in an environment that dripped of decadence.

However formal the occasion, the main focus was the art of Nyotaimori. Listening to Duplantis and Nguyen speak about body sushi is like listening to a painter, sculptor, or – ahem – photographer describe his or her passion.

“You have beauty in every form,” said Duplantis enthusiastically. “First you’ve got the food, then the woman’s body, and then the flowers. It’s like going into a museum and looking at a painting. Everyone takes something different away from it.”

“Every body has beautiful curves,” said Nguyen. “As long as you can find a good surface, you can place as much sushi around that as possible.”